After All This Time.....

As a child it was prophesied that I would sing for millions people. After hearing this, I was ecstatic. I believed it would happen right away, that my life was on a guaranteed collision course with destiny.  Everything changed for me. My life choices especially. I began to seek out this dream with all my heart. I was young and made many decisions toward these prophecies that I would later learn to regret. I began to build my life more around Christianity and searching out the deep things of God. I was raised in Church so this wasn't hard, but I began to search out the more radical versions of what I had always known to be true. My hearts journey lead me to a place that gave...and then took away. My sister recently told me they have a saying in Italian that goes, "God gives, then He takes..then He gives again."  This could not be more accurate.

I followed a dream and a hope into a place I had never been before, with people I had never known - and even thought myself was very strange. I became accustom to the way they were and even wanted to believe that they had something more...something better and greater than I had ever been given, in terms of surrendering to Gods will, lifestyle and Christianity. The talk was right, the hope was there, the goal was shared. I poured in everything I had.

Much time passed waiting on a promise that was destined not to come under the circumstances. Reality and truth began to ring louder than the words and actions that were being presented right in front of me. Thankfully God took....but then He gave again. Life and life more abundantly. Even though I look back over all those years and see how much time was wasted, I still have such an anticipation and a joy about where I am today. 

I am so honored to give out what God has done, and I am grateful every day that I have the freedom and opportunity to do this. This is not the end, this is the beginning of all my hopes. I have learned perhaps the most valuable lesson ever, that no matter the time wasted, or what someone has endured, or what has happened to someone in life, we can always start NOW... doing what we love and giving what we have. I have learned that things do not come while sitting down and waiting for God to move. It comes by moving with what God gave us and knowing that He will bless what we do. We are magnificent creatures, created in Gods image. We have been given talents, gifts and abilities to do good and to help each other through this crazy thing we call life. 

So, in conclusion I hope to leave this matter where you have been, what you have done, how much of your time someone else has wasted, what dreams you've had shattered, what insecurities you may face....please don't give up....But please DON'T LOOK BACK. There is nothing left for you there. Create new life. Do what you have always wanted to do for the good of your soul and others. Give the gifts you have. God will bless them. He is for YOU.  

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